Best Campfire Dessert

I love summer. I love being outside and we eat as many meals as we can on our deck or down my our fire pit. We had several families over last Saturday and I surprised them all when I told them I had dessert. They've all been to my house and know I am not a big dessert person. This dessert I didn't feel bad serving to them. What's also great is that I didn't need any pots, pans or plates to make it and serve it! (I love to cook but not so found of the clean-up)

Banana Campfire Surprise

2 Bananas

20 Dark Chocolate Chips 

8 Tsps. Slivered Almonds

Aluminum Foil


Tear 4 sheets of aluminum foil about 8" x 12". Cut banana in 1/2 lengthwise. Place 5 chips across each banana. Sprinkle 2 tsps. on each banana. Completely seal foil. That's it! Once your campfire or grill is going place the foil package over the heat and cook for approximately 3-6 min. Times depends on how hot the fire is. Give each person a foil package and a plastic spoon or fork. 

How fun is that!! Everyone loved them & I didn't feel guilty serving them something that was bad for them. 

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