Most Effective Workout

Who Doesn't Love a 6 Minute Workout?

It's important to a lot of us to use our time effectively. When you are striving to become more healthy it becomes quickly noticeable that the meals and workouts take a sizeable amount of time. That shouldn't discourage you because, in the long run, your health is priceless and worth any amount of time. One of our goals at Faithful Workouts is to help you realize this. We are human too and we know it's difficult in this time and age to find time. We have come up with a new highly effective workout. It only takes 6 minutes! With that being said, it is challenging but perfect for those who just can't find the time. If you feel this one may not correspond with your fitness level we have many other short workouts that you can access through the free f3 plan. We would love to hear feedback in the comments section from anyone who gives this workout a shot! 

Happy Workout Wednesday!

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