Simple Ways To Use Salt In Your Beauty Routine

I am really big fan of using natural products not only in my body but on it. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever we expose it to.

One of those natural products that I am a huge fan of is salt. It’s a natural antiseptic and can do wonders for the body and skin. As a little girl, my mom always had us gargle with salt water when we felt a sore throat coming on and I did the same for my family when my kids were younger. When we got a bee sting she would rub salt on it and when we had sore muscles she would draw us an epson salt bath.

I also love to use salt in my beauty products to not only keep my skin healthy but to decrease the exposure to harsh and cancer causing chemicals found in most beauty products. Salt is definitely a staple in my home and I bet after some of these tips it will be in your home too!

Facial Scrub

1/2 cup baking soda
1 tsp. salt
20 drops of favorite essential oil (I personally love Peppermint Oil for it’s cooling sensation)

Mix these ingredients together in a glass Mason jar with lid for easy storing. When ready to use, sprinkle a small amount of scrub in the palm of your hand, mix with a few drops of water and gently scrub your face (you can even use this as a full body scrub). The salt and baking soda will act as a natural exfoliant cleaning away dead skin and grime.

After rinsing your face you can follow up with a natural calming facial oil by mixing 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil with Jojoba oil. Don’t be shy about applying oil to your face, it won’t clog your pours or cause breakouts, quite the contrary. It helps to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

I also use this as an overall body oil especially during the winter as I have very dry skin

Tooth Polish

You can use the same facial scrub mixture adding a little bit to your tooth brush and brushing your teeth. It’s very refreshing and the salt and peppermint oil act as a natural antiseptic.

I also shared these tips in a quick video over on the Faithful Workouts fan page.


I also found this great article from Women’s Health Magazine 9 Ways To Use Salt For Gorgeous Skin, Hair, Teeth and Nails with more useful tips on how to use salt in your beauty routine.

Do you have a favorite way you like to use salt? Leave me a comment would love to hear!

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