4 Chicken Dishes in 16 Minutes

In 16 minutes you can make:

Asian Chicken Soup

Mexican Chicken

Apple, Walnut Chicken Salad

Coconut Chicken

I walk you through every step so you realize how quick and easy it is. You can make a big batch of chicken in the crock pot (remember my blog last week about buying a bunch of chicken when it's on sale). You can use 1/2 of the recipes for your weekly meals and freeze the other 1/2 for a different week!  The only recipe I wouldn't freeze is the chicken salad because the apples and celery would lose their crispness.

I find because each of these recipes have such unique flavors I don't get tired of eating chicken for several meals in a row. I sent my son Quinn to school with chicken salad for a few days and he loved it!!

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