5 Ways to Share the Love of Jesus During the Holidays

There are so many things I enjoy about the holidays but truly what gets me most excited is the chance to share the love and truth of Jesus with others. I find that people are more open to talking about Jesus and about faith during the holidays and I don’t want to miss that precious opportunity!

I know that many of you want to share God's love and truth with people too but maybe aren't sure how to go about it. The reality is there is not one "right" way and perfection is definitely not a requirement. Even though I may not always articulate things perfectly and I can’t make people believe what I share, God can use me. He will work through me if I turn to Him and rely on Him to guide me. He can work through you too! He wants us to partner with Him to share His love.

With that said, here are some practical suggestions for creating opportunities to share Jesus with others during the holidays (or anytime):

  1. Authentic Experience
    First and foremost, you can’t share what you haven’t experienced. If you're still exploring your beliefs or haven't fully embraced the joy of being known and loved by your Heavenly Father yet, take time to sit, read your Bible, and just spend time talking with Him. Let His love and promises fill you which will help lead you to a genuine desire to share “the Good News."
  2. Table Talks
    Seize the moments around the dining table. Deepen your conversations, perhaps ending a meal with a question like, "What has brought you the most joy in the past three months?" or “What are some of your personal goals?” When there are guests who don’t know Jesus, try not to make the question you choose overly "Christian." The last thing you want is for someone to feel excluded because they are uncomfortable answering. Your questions will allow everyone to contribute and give those who love Jesus the opportunity to share stories of His work in their lives which will hopefully encourage others. In addition, actively listen to everyone around the table and show that you care about them before delving into any discussion on faith. People want to know you care before they care about what you know.
  3. Serve Together
    Ask your friends and family to serve somewhere, somehow with you. The holidays are filled with multiple opportunities to help people who are less fortunate. You could adopt a family to purchase Christmas gifts, serve a meal at a shelter, ring the bell together for the Salvation Army, or sing carols at a nursing home. Serving together opens opportunities for meaningful conversations about faith. Through serving, you can become a living testimony of the principles Jesus taught - love your neighbor, care for the vulnerable, and be a source of light in the world.
  4. Prayerful Openings
    Pray for opportunities. Ask God to open doors for conversations and to create moments where you can share the love and truth of Jesus. Pray for the hearts of those you'll spend time with this holiday season. Pray that their curiosity about Jesus is piqued, that they will ask questions, and that they will be open to hearing what you have to say. Ultimately, pray that they answer the divine invitation to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  5. Everyday Reminders
    Take advantage of every situation.
    • If you're hosting guests, incorporate decorations that remind them of Jesus - display crosses, nativity scenes, or signs proclaiming things like, "Jesus is the reason for the season."
    • If you send Christmas cards, make sure your card includes a note or scripture about the true meaning of Christmas.
    • If you buy gifts for friends, teachers, your hairdresser, mailman, or whoever, try to choose items that convey Jesus’ love. When I give gifts, I often choose devotional books, candles, or ornaments that include Bible verses.
    • Another great opportunity is to invite people to join you to go to church at Christmas. One study revealed that more than half of unchurched Americans say a personal invitation from a friend or family member would be enough to get them to attend church. Your invitation can change a life – forever!

As the holiday season unfolds, I encourage you to be intentional in sharing your love for Jesus!

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