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We're so glad you're part of the 52Strong Program!

This page will be your "home base" for EVERYTHING related to the program. We'll be updating it constantly as we publish new meal plans, meditations, videos, and live events!

Watch this Welcome Video which explains all the offerings available to you during this 52-day program!

How You'll Track The Actions You Commit To Each Week

Watch this video that explains how your group will use Google Sheets to track the actions you are each committing to.

Weekly Meditations

To "meditate" is to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time.

When we meditate on Scripture, we’re not just reading through it. We’re taking time to think deeply about it. The deeper we think, the more it seeps into our bones so God can use it to change us.


Let’s get started…


Find a quiet and comfortable place. You can meditate on Scripture anywhere, but it helps to have someplace you can completely focus without distractions. Get comfortable in a chair or wherever you feel most relaxed and present. You can close your eyes or concentrate on a specific object.

Week 1 Meditation
Week 2 Meditation
Week 3 Meditation
Week 4 Meditation
Week 5 Meditation
Week 6 Meditation
Week 7 Meditation


Each week, you'll have a Grocery List, a Step by Step Guide for the Week, Daily Instructions, and a Menu Plan with Recipes.

Just click below for this week's plan.


It's always best to attend in person, but if you can't make one of the events...ALL events will be recorded and loaded on this page!

Final Message From Michelle + Stretch and Worship)

Stretch and Worship Song List

from Sunday, March 26th

You can also listen to this list on our Faithful Workouts Spotify Channel here: 52Strong Stretch.

Be sure to follow Faithful Workouts on Spotify!

All links are to YouTube so you can read the lyrics while listening

Lord I Need You by Matt Maher

Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave

Set a Fire by Will Reagan

Take My Life by Chris Tomlin

Sinking Deep by Hillsong

Let Them See You by JJ Weeks Band

LIVE Bible Study Monday, March 6th: Recording

LIVE 52Strong Check In Recording, March 1

LIVE Workout, February 22nd: Recording

LIVE COOKING Monday, February 6th: Recording

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