Daily Plan

Day 10

DAY 10


"Only by being connected with Christ through faith can anyone have eternal life, and only through a continuing connection with Him can anyone have power for living." What can you do this week to make sure you stay connected to Christ?

Something to Think About

Isn't this an incredible truth? God just wants us to come to Him. He has always been the same powerful, good, gracious God that He will always be. Living a good life is only found by turning to God and finding comfort in our faith in Him. We all will age and change, but our God will always remain the same.

Something to Listen To


Chair: Get Fit

Equipment: Chair, Band, Ball. Loop

Length: 18 Minutes

Beginner: Low Impact Cardio

Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

Intermediate: Multi-Muscle Core By The Lake

Equipment: Loops, Band

Length: 10 Minutes

Advanced: Intervals With Weights

Equipment: Weights

Length: 45 Minutes

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