Daily Plan

Day 20

DAY 20 – Inspirational Message

“Get in the habit of asking yourself, ‘Does this support the life God has called me to live?”

I believe that this is such an important question. Sometimes we can get trapped by the desire to live like the world, or to say yes to every opportunity that comes our way, but when we ask this one simple question it can help give us guidance around how to live our lives. If it isn’t in line with what God is calling you to, then it doesn’t deserve a space in your life. How do you need to apply this concept to your life?

Something to Think About

Being a follower of Christ doesn’t mean that you will never experience times of darkness and hardship. However, it means that you are equipped with a faith that will help you through those times. If you are struggling in a time of darkness, hold fast to the truth that this time will help you grow in a way that times of joy won’t be able to. God is working in you, even when you don’t see it, and while that may not be easy, it should give you joy to know that when this time is over you will be a better example of Christ’s power at work in the world.

Something to Listen To


Chair: Yoga Stillness Psalm 46

Equipment: Chair

Length: 15 Minutes

Beginner: Quick PAZAZ

Equipment: None

Length: 13 Minutes

Intermediate: Balance by Mount Evans

Equipment: Light weights (optional)

Length: 10 Minutes

Advanced: Upper Body Intensive

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 15 Minutes

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