Daily Plan

Day 25

DAY 25


“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”

-Corrie Ten Boom

Ask God to guide you and He promises to take you down the best path if you listen and obey.

Something to Think About

Zero calorie drinks are not healthy if they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. When we see a label that says zero grams of sugar, or zero calories from sugar, we think it is healthy. Most of the time this is NOT the case. Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, Acesulfame and Stevia will keep you craving sweets and do not actually help with weight loss. Always check the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t include artifical sweeteners.

Something to Listen To


Chair: Love Yourself Workout Challenge
Equipment: Chair

Length: 48 Minutes

Beginner: Kickboxing and Core
Equipment: None
Length: 28 Minutes
Intermediate: Lower Body
Equipment: Band, Loop, Small Ball, Weights

Length: 28 Minutes

Advanced: Intervals and Yoga

Equipment: Chair, Band, Loop

Length: 58 Minutes

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