Daily Plan

Day 27

DAY 27 – Inspirational Message

“I have tasted the freedom of living a genuine life that throws the doors wide open and says, ‘Welcome!’ It’s a better way to live.” (When a Friend Does Your Dishes)

Have you tasted the freedom of a genuine life? Once you have, it becomes hard to ever go back! Taking the initial step towards a life that is true to who God created you to be, may be terrifying at first. We can become overwhelmed by what people will think, or if we will succeed, but God dismisses all these fears. When we are honestly living for Him and to help spread the news of His kingdom, we cannot fail because He is on our side!

Something to Think About

It is easy to feel as though we aren’t enough, when we only view ourselves through our humanity. As humans, we will always fall short, but when we remember that we are children of a King and that we are able to do incredible things with His guidance, we will always be more than enough. Stop worrying about what you can do, and start asking God what He is trying to do through you. I promise you, that His answer will never seem like less than enough!

Something to Listen To

Menu Plan





Chair: Core and Upper Body

Equipment: Chair, Loop

Length: 13 Minutes

Beginner: Upper Body in the Desert

Equipment: Loop

Length: 7 Minutes

Intermediate: Standing Core in Costa Rica

Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

Advanced: Lower Body in the Barn

Equipment: Weights, Band, Loop, Mini ball

Length: 28 Minutes

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