Daily Plan

Day 30

DAY 30 – Inspirational Message

“You are the whisper I long to hear when the world is shouting.”

Sometimes the world can seem so loud, that it is hard to find God’s voice in the mix of it all. Try your best today to take sometime to sit and be quiet and seek the Lord’s voice. When we spend intentional time in His presence, He can teach us and restore us in powerful ways. His is truly the only voice that matters.

Something to Think About

This quote can be so convicting, because I think it is something that we all do at one time or another. We say we want God to lead us, but we move forward creating our own path instead of waiting for His guidance. We simply assume that He will follow behind us and bring us peace, joy and success wherever we go. How do you need to shift your perspective and actions so that God is truly leading you and not just coming along for the ride?

Something to Listen To

Menu Plan


  • 1 Piece of Your Favorite Fruit
  • 1 Slice Toast with 1 tsp Peanut or Almond Butter



Chair: PAZAZ: Start Dancing

Equipment: Chair

Length: 40 Minutes

Beginner: Standing Stretch at Lake Powell

Equipment: Band

Length: 12 Minutes

Intermediate: Tabata in the Barn

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 13 Minutes

Advanced: Kickboxing Lake Powell

Equipment: None

Length: 11 Minutes

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