Daily Plan

Day 4

DAY 4 – Healthy Eating Myth & Truth

MYTH: I can’t afford all the gadgets to eat healthy

TRUTH: You don’t need a lot of fancy gadgets to cook and eat a healthily. Here are my Top 5 essential kitchen tools:

1) A good knife. Invest in one good knife for cutting, chopping and slicing. You don’t necessarily need a full fancy set, just one “go-to” that you can rely on. You can also get a knife sharpener or get it sharpened from time to time. That will help it last longer and be more effective.

2) One large cutting board. I not only use my cutting board for chopping my food, but I also repurpose it as a charcuterie board or as a serving platter.

3) A good blender. I can’t tell you how much I use my blender. I happen to have Ninja which is great for not only blending but also chopping food. It saves me so much time, but also keeps me on track to make healthy sauces, dressings, and smoothies because it’s so easy.

4) A milk frother. Oh my! Once I discovered a milk frother I can never go back! It’s an inexpensive way to have a latte or warmed milk in your coffee. It makes my morning cup of coffee a treat! Sometimes i will add a few drops of pure vanilla extract and cinnamon for a healthy flavored coffee.

5) A cast iron skillet. This is the utility player of all pans in your kitchen! Cast-iron skillets can be used for sautéing, pan-frying, searing, baking, braising, broiling, and roasting. You can often find an inexpensive one at home goods stores or Marshall’s.

Something to Think About

Have you tasted the freedom of a genuine life? Once you have, it becomes hard to ever go back! Taking the initial step towards a life that is true to who God created you to be, may be terrifying at first. We can become overwhelmed by what people will think, or if we will succeed, but God dismisses all these fears. When we are honestly living for Him and to help spread the news of His kingdom, we cannot fail because He is on our side!

Something to Listen To


Chair: Be Thankful

Equipment: Band, Loop, Chair

Length: 14 Minutes

Beginner: Mobility & Balance

Equipment: Band (optional)

Length: 22 Minutes

Intermediate: PAZAZ

Equipment: None

Length: 28 Minutes

Advanced: Tabata

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 13 Minutes

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