Daily Plan

Day 5

DAY 5 – Healthy Eating Myth & Truth

MYTH: Dessert is out of the question

TRUTH: Dessert does not have to be completely forbidden. I would not recommend having dessert every day because you are training your body to crave sweets after dinner. However, for a once in a while treat, the key is how much sugar is in the dessert. You should stick to 24 grams or less of added sugars each day. Also think about what you consider dessert? Fruit with plain greek yogurt or a big ole’ piece of pecan pie? What you choose really matters, especially when it comes to added sugars and artificial ingredients. When you are following a recipe, you don’t have to follow how much sugar is called for. Test out different quantities and you’ll find that most desserts are already sweet enough (banana bread for example) without putting a ton of sugar in.

Check out our Healthy Desserts video HERE to make your own delicious treats.

Something to Think About

When we sink our roots deep into the truth of who Christ is and who He created us to be, we will be amazed at how beautifully we will grow and bloom. Christ’s presence is like a rich soil that gives us all the nutrients we need to live a life of health and abundance. If you aren’t rooted in Christ, then you are missing out on the opportunity to be the most beautiful, vibrant version of yourself! Don’t allow yourself to become tempted by the soil of this world, but instead choose to sink your roots into the word of the Lord and praise Him as you flourish!

Something to Listen To


Chair: Getting Started

Equipment: Band, Chair

Length: 22 Minutes

Beginner: Low Impact Cardio & Barre

Equipment: Weights

Length: 28 Minutes

Intermediate: Kickboxing

Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

Advanced: Intense Intervals

Equipment: Weight, Mini Ball

Length: 55 Minutes

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