Daily Plan

Day 7

DAY 7 – Healthy Eating Myth & Truth

MYTH: Vegetarian is always Healthy

TRUTH: Vegetarian can be a very healthy diet, but it depends. It’s easy to be a vegetarian and load up on carbs and cheese. Some vegetarians rely too heavily on processed foods, which can be high in calories, sugar, fat and sodium. And they may not eat enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains and calcium-rich foods, thus missing out on the nutrients they provide. Like any healthy diet, a vegetarian diet should include 3 servings or more of vegetables a day. It’s important to get enough protein through plant sources which include soy products and meat substitutes, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Dried beans and peas, lentils, enriched cereals, whole-grain products, dark leafy green vegetables, and dried fruit are good sources of iron.

Check out our vegetarian cooking video HERE

Something to Think About

Trust in the name of the Lord. There is so much power in simply speaking His name, and in speaking His will over our lives. As long as we continue to seek God with an honest heart, He will continue to meet us where we are and to bring peace and comfort to our lives. What is one way that you can spend more time in the presence of the Lord and learn to know His name?

Something to Listen To


Chair: Uplifting Workout

Equipment: Weights, Band, Loop, Chair

Length: 21 Minutes

Beginner: Let’s Go On A Walk

Equipment: Loop

Length: 19 Minutes

Intermediate: Upper Body In The Dessert

Equipment: Loop

Length: 7 Minutes

Advanced: Plank & Core in AZ

Equipment: None

Length: 19 Minutes

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