DAY 13

When it comes to working out quality is more important than quantity. Beginners should expect to devote time to learning proper form. Even more experienced athletes can benefit from some occasional form feedback. Perfecting form will boost performance, and reduce injuries over time.

Something to Think About

"Exercising is a blessing, not a chore. I workout because I am grateful that I physically can.” ~ Unknown

Something to Listen To

Nutrition Tip

Good form allows you to reap all the benefits of your workout and avoid injuries at the same time. No matter your age or current fitness level, everyone can benefit from weight training with the right technique.


Chair: Total Body with Mom

Equipment: Chair, Loop, Band

Length: 12 Minutes

Beginner: 10 Min Kickboxing

Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

Intermediate: Quick 7 Upper Body

Equipment: Loop

Length: 7 Minutes

Advanced: Super Challenging Core in AZ

Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

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