Workout Wednesday: Avoiding and Healing Injuries

Getting injured is nothing to scoff at. If you've ever had to use crutches or go without the use of your arm, you know what a hassle it can be. One of the best ways to avoid getting injured is to consistently exercise with good form. At Faithful Workouts we put safety first when we design our workouts. Exercise can not only help you to avoid an injury, it can also help you recover from an injury. 

For this Workout Wednesday, we want to focus on how to avoid and recover from shoulder injuries. Michelle actually had a shoulder surgery because of a skiing accident. Here surgeon told her "Your shoulder will never be 100% again,"  Michelle carefully built her strength back and now feels like the ski injury was nothing more than a bad dream. Her shoulder is 100%. 

So if you are recovering from  a shoulder surgery or you want to avoid a shoulder injury, this is a workout for you.  We hope you all find this helpful and if you know anyone who has shoulder issues pass this along to them. 

You can buy the fitness loop and exercise bands that we use in this workout on our website. 

Happy Workout Wednesday!

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