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Monthly challenges include exercise & cutting back on sugar!

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The Challenge is CLOSED for July, but don't worry! You can join us in August! August will be all about cutting back on sugar (1 point for each day you consume less than 24grams of added sugar).

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Who is the Challenge For?

Anyone who wants to form new, healthy habits in a fun, engaging and supportive environment.

How does it Work?

Sign up yourself: click the link for the sign up and you'll see available "Team" slots. Sign up in one of those available slots. Then watch for emails leading up to August 1st that give you more information and connect you with your team. It's that simple! Please do not sign up unless you are ready to commit to participate. It's OK if you struggle to meet the goals, but we don't want you to sign up and then don't communicate with your team.

Sign up to be a Team Leader: If you are willing to be a Team Leader, then sign your name in the Team Leader slot. A leader will start the team conversation and then reach out weekly and report your team's weekly score. We will email the leaders with additional information and you can always reach out to us with questions Send leader questions

Sign up with friends: We'd love for you to invite friends to join this challenge and be on your team. There's 2 ways to do this:

  1. You sign them up for the same team you are on. All you will need is their email address and phone number.
  2. Send them to this page and tell them to sign up for the same team you are on.

Be in it to Win it! see rules below – winning team members will receive $15 a Faithful Workouts gift card to use at our Shop. Winners will be announced each month.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation email from Sign-up Genius. Be sure to check your Spam folder just in case. You will also get an emails leading up to August 1st from Faithful Workouts that will connect you with your team and include more information about the challenge. gaall

Let's Do This! I'm Ready!

The Details and Rules

The Challenge

Throughout the challenge, you'll be encouraged to start your day with the ultimate foundation for success: spending time in the Word of God. We really believe Faith is the critical element that most fitness programs are missing. Ask God to help you, believe He can help you and then check your motives. Make sure to stay true to your Why, and keep your commitment to yourself and your team.


In August, the challenge will be limiting your added sugar to less than 24 grams/day. Each day that you accomplish that you'll get 1 point. We have so many healthy and delicious recipes, including desserts.


You'll receive 1 point for each day you exercise at least 10 minutes, and another 1 point for each day keep your added sugar is under 24 grams/day. We have 100s of workouts for all levels here:

Tracking Points

You can earn 1 point each day in August, and up to 2 points each day in September. 

Click HERE for a printable calendar for easy tracking! We hope keeping track of your points inspires you to make healthy choices each day. You will send in your points total each week to your Team Leader.

Winning Team

The leader for each group will collect points from team members each week, and calculate the average number of points.

  • For example, 10 team members on the team. All 10 report their points for the week. 8 people had 4 points, 1 had 3 points and 1 person reported 1 point. The average = 3.6 points for the week out of a possible 7.0.
  • The leader will submit the points each week via email to We'll be keeping track and sharing a Google Sheet so you can see how you're team is doing!


At the end of each month the members of the winning team will receive a $15 Faithful Workouts coupon code to be used in our shop.

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