Christian Playlist For An Energizing Cardio Workout

Music just makes everything better, doesn't it? Even our workouts can be more high energy with music. Listening to music while exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom, studies have shown that music can significantly increase the duration of exercise and can help improve the quality of our workouts by helping to increase our stamina. Music is also a wonderful mood booster!

Music that is motivational and synchronized with your workouts is also shown to have physical and psychological benefits. For example, when a song has a strong, steady beat you naturally feel drawn to run or pedal to the beat of the music. This can inspire you to push yourself a little harder and exercise longer without even realizing it.

Music also helps to distract us from time. A 30-minute workout may seem like a long time (and let's be honest, it is if you are starring at a clock counting down the minutes) but turn on some great songs that you enjoy listening to and before you know it, you've knocked out a 30 minute, maybe even longer, workout that you actually enjoyed!

Music can also have a positive psychological effect by increasing serotonin levels, which can put you in a better mood for your workout. Listening to uplifting praise and worship music during my workouts definitely helps me to get more out of my exercise experience. Since everyone has a different ideal workout pace and intensity, determining exactly which tempos work best for you may be a trial-and-error process. It's important that you don't get moving so fast that you don't have good form.

I am asked all the time about the music I use during my Faithful Workouts videos and thought it would be great to share this song list with you for an energizing 30-minute cardio/dance workout! Add them to your Google Playlist, Apple Music or Spotify workout song list so you can take them with you on your next walk, run, bike ride or dance your way around your living room. Dancing is a great, fun option for cardio and so good for the brain (dancing as even been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimers).

Here is a list of 50 more  songs I love too that you can check out and add to your Christian playlists!

1. Cory Asbury - The Father's House - 

2. Hillsong Worship - Who You Say I Am 

3. Elevation Worship - See A Victory

4. Zach Williams, Dolly Parton - There Was Jesus 

5. KING & COUNTRY, Echosmith - God Only Knows by for 

6. We The Kingdom - Child Of Love 

7. Matthew West - Do Something 

8. Lauren Daigle - You Say 

9. Jordan Page - Hour of Change

10. Danny Gokey - Haven't Seen It Yet

11. Bethel - Stand In Your Love

12. Jeremy Camp - Dead Man Walking

13. Pat Barrett - Build My Life (ft. Cory Asbury)

14. JJ Weeks Band - Let Them See You

15. Casting Crowns - Only Jesus

16. MercyMe - Best News Ever

17. Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child

18. For All Seasons - Higher

19. Sanctus Real  - Confidence

20. Cory Asbury - Dear God

21. Elevation Worship - Here Again

22. Unspoken - Open the Clouds 

23. MercyMe - Flawless

24. Phil Wickham - Living Hope

35. Crowder - Red Letters

36. Matt Maher - What a Friend

37. North Point Worship - "Love Come Down"

38. Zach Williams - Fear Is a Liar

39. Lauren Daigle - Still Rolling Stones

40. Chris Tomlin - Resurrection Power

41. Elevation Worship - O Come to the Altar | 

42. Tenth Avenue North - Control

43. Hillsong Young & Free - Alive

44. MercyMe - Even If

45. Crowder - All My Hope ft. Tauren Wells

46. Matthew West - Broken Things

47. King Kaleidoscope - Grace Alone

48. Jeremy Camp - Word Of Life

49. Sidewalk Prophets - Live Like That

50. Mandisa - Unfinished

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