Daily Plan

Day 11

DAY 11


We should take our faith very seriously, but that does not mean it should be boring or gloomy.

Something to Think About

Let the world see the joy and fun that comes from following Jesus! I think too many people think that they will have to give up fun, laughter, and adventure when they choose to follow Jesus. We need to let them see that Jesus makes everything better. 

Something to Listen To

Menu Plan



  • 1 Slice of toast with real peanut butter and 1/2 banana


Chair: Strength 101
Equipment: Chair, Band, Loop

Length: 14 Minutes

Beginner: New To PAZAZ
Equipment: None

Length: 27 Minutes

Intermediate: PAZAZ With My Sis
Equipment: None

Length: 15 Minutes

Advanced: Strength 101

Equipment: Band

Length: 23 Minutes

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