Daily Plan

Day 20

DAY 20


“We must remember that the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions is the distance between our knees and the floor.” -Charles Stanley

Take time to get on your knees and talk to God today.

Something to Think About

Antioxidants are a big deal. As we age, we have increased free radicals, unstable atoms that can damage cells. The good news is that we have foods that directly counter this affect! Here is a short list to get you started: Blueberries, Strawberries, Artichokes, Pomegranates, Sweet potatoes, Nuts, Dark chocolate, Coffee, Tea

Something to Listen To


Chair: Stretching
Equipment: None

Length: 10 Minutes

Beginner: Stretch and Cardio

Equipment: None

Length: 16 Minutes

Intermediate: Upper Body and Standing Core
Equipment: Band, Loop, Weights

Length: 20 Minutes

Advanced: Interval Training

Equipment: Large Ball, Step/Bosu

Length: 20 Minutes

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