Daily Plan

Day 24

DAY 24 – Inspirational Message

“Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace within difficulties.” – C.S. Lewis

Somewhere along the way, people got the idea in their heads that becoming a Christian meant you wouldn’t experience the same struggles that you did before, but the Bible never promises this to us. In fact, it says that we will encounter trials and tribulations, but that when we do, our faith will equip us with the tools to get through those trials with grace and peace. If you are struggling, remember that God doesn’t promise to fix every problem in your life, but He promises that He will be there to comfort and guide you through it.

Something to Think About

One of the reasons, that faith is such a powerful concept is because it is something that should, in theory, be unchanging. When we truly believe in God’s faithfulness and goodness, we have no need to doubt or fear for what is to come. We have to base our life off of faith rather than feeling. If you are feeling worried or unsure about something you feel God is calling you to, then remember that your faith is greater than your doubt!

Something to Listen To

Menu Plan


3/4 Cup of Brown Rice Topped with a Fried Egg




Chair: Tone and Cardio

Equipment: Chair

Length: 18 Minutes

Beginner: Peaceful Stretch in Costa Rica

Equipment: None

Length: 7 Minutes

Intermediate: Total Body in the Barn

Equipment: Loop, Band

Length: 28 Minutes

Advanced: Strength & Cardio in FL

Equipment: Band, Loop, Mini ball

Length: 36 Minutes

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