Daily Plan

Day 26

DAY 26


"You kissed my heart with forgiveness. In spite of all I've done. You've healed me inside and out from every disease." -Psalm 103:3

Something to Think About

There is no love more powerful than the love that forgives all wrongdoings. God has not only forgiven you for your mistakes, but He is actively working to heal you from them as well. As you pray today, thank Him for the forgiveness he has shown you, and ask Him to continue healing you from the sin that tempts your heart.

Something to Listen To


Chair: PAZAZ and Standing Core
Equipment: Chair

Length: 14 Minutes

Beginner: Upper Body
Equipment: Exercise Band
Length: 9 Minutes
Intermediate: 20, 15, 10 Total Body
Equipment: Exercise Band, Fitness Loop

Length: 42 Minutes

Advanced: Walking Together

Equipment: Fitness Loop

Length: 28 Minutes

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