Daily Plan

Day 8


Verse / Quote

“What do people know about God and about your faith by watching the way you live?” Commentary study Bible of book of Titus

Something to Think About

We are not called to live a perfect life, but our life should look differently because the Holy Spirit lives in us. What will help you to listen to the voice of the Spirit instead of the world? Then allow the voice of the Spirit to direct your days. People will notice!!

Something to Listen To


Chair: Mom and Me #1
Equipment: Chair, Band, Loop, Ball

Length: 12 Minutes

Beginner: Pazaz and Balance in Costa Rica
Equipment: None

Length: 15 Minutes

Intermediate: Total Body Workout with Loop
Equipment: Loop

Length: 15 Minutes

Advanced: Total Body Workout in South Africa

Equipment: Loop, Band

Length: 23 Minutes

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