Every Move Matters

We often don’t exercise because we feel like we need to set aside at least an hour (more if you have to drive to a gym and all that). You think to yourself if I can’t do a full workout why even do anything. Wrong! Every step, every bicep curl, every sit up is better than doing none. Every time you choose to take the stairs instead of the escalator it is making a difference. Every squat and lunge you do makes your body stronger.

Now, as much as I completely believe this, I also know to reap the full benefits of exercise it is important to devote longer windows of time to exercise. Studies show that when we can reach 150 minutes / week of exercise we will feel the benefits more clearly.  Getting and keeping your heart rate into the cardio zone for at least 25 minutes will have greater impact on your brain health.

So as much as every extra step you take makes a difference, I also want to encourage you to set aside larger chunks of time to exercise. Right now take out your calendar and schedule your next 3 workouts. It’s one of the most important appointments you can make so DON’T cancel it.

Here are 3 short workout videos that are super effective yet take up almost no time.

Standing Core in 5

Lower Body Loop in 5

Upper Body Quick 7

If you don't have one of our fitness loops now is the time to get one. Super affordable and they have a great message that reminds you that you can "do all things through Christ"!! Click Here To Buy One (use coupon code 'exercise' at check out and save 15% off all our equipment)

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