How To Get Started With An Exercise Routine

Welcome to Faithful Workouts! Our mission is to come alongside you and offer resources that bring health to your body and soul so you can experience life to the fullest. We offer Christian workout videos that use inspirational music and biblical encouragement, as well as recipes, meal and Bible reading plans.

One of the hardest parts about exercising is just getting started, especially if you are new to working out. There is tons of information out there and it can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Here at Faithful Workouts we don't believe in diets because they do not work. At Faithful Workouts we believe in a well rounded approach to living a healthy lifestyle. One where God is at the center of it all so we can lean on Him for strength and not try to go at it alone. We know diets don't work and can't wait to show you that eating healthy isn't boring and doesn't require hours in the kitchen. Plus our workouts are fun, upbeat and inspiring.

Hi, I’m Michelle, the founder of Faithful Workouts and at 58 I feel as strong and healthy as I did in my 30s and you can too! I have been teaching and inspiring women how to take care of their bodies for over 35 years.
Too many women over 40 believe the lies that they will never get to a healthy weight, that they're too old to change, and that stress and worry are just part of life. That doesn't have to be your story.

We know what it's like to work to change habits and make working out a consistent plan, so we've created these "Getting Started" videos to help you do just that!

Each of these videos is meant for someone who is new to working out, hasn't worked out in a while or is recovering from an injury and needs to take getting back into exercise slowly. Many of our videos are modified to exercise while sitting in a chair or with gentle standing movements. We use minimal to no equipment and we make sure to teach you good form so that you are practicing the movements safely.


One of the biggest issues facing women over 40 is weight gain. I hear from many women who say they haven't changed what they're eating but they keep putting on weight. There are many factors that can play into this but today I want to focus on loss of muscle.

As we age we naturally lose muscle mass. Muscle burns through calories at a faster rate than fat so when we have less lean muscle our metabolism slows down and we put-on weight. Don't worry you can fight against this by strength training. Strength training increases our muscle mass and improves our metabolism. Using weights or bands are great for resistance but you can also use your own body weight.

From my 35 years in the fitness industry I find that many women aren't reaching their health and fitness goals because they don't strength train. I've heard from so many women who tell me they are walking 45 minutes several times a week but not losing any weight. I always recommend cutting back on the walking and adding strength exercises. I suggest doing at least 3 days a week of strength training. Of course, 1 day is better than none but I would love for you to work up to more so you can see the results you are looking for.

So if you're feeling frustrated with your weight loss goals start incorporating more strength training into your workout routine. This Getting Started (click here) workout with bands is a great place to start and you can work your way up to our more advanced workouts with weights.

Building good core muscles not only helps to tone the tummy area but it helps to reduce back pain and improve posture. I know you will love this Getting Started: Core In A Chair (click here) workout!

Start working to build your endurance and stamina with this Walking Your Way To Health (click here) workout!


Do you have a daily motivation routine? Something that helps to set you up for success each day in reaching your health goals? It was Benjamin Franklin who said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” There is definitely wisdom in these words.

The truth is, “winging it” – to do or try to do something without much practice – doesn’t work for most people in achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle. Especially if you are struggling to stay on track, not having a daily, weekly and monthly plan can not only hinder your success but set you up for failure and you can find yourself in a vicious cycle of defeat, frustration and beating yourself up. Having set backs is part of life and the advantage of having a plan is it allows you to easily get back on track when you do stumble. It gives you a starting point to work from and allows you to track your progress.

The good news is God wants to see you prosper in all areas of your life and so do we! So commit to making a plan every day that will put you on the right track. Here are a few success tips to help get you started. Be sure to add to this list and create a customized plan on what works best for you!

1. Lay out comfortable exercise clothes to change into each morning or to change into as soon as you get home. Being dressed in the right clothing makes a real difference. It’s what experts call “enclothed cognition,” which refers to a mental shift you experience when you wear certain clothes. If you are dressed to workout you are more likely to do so!

2. Write down your daily goals the night before. Did you know your brain actually functions better with ordered tasks? Psychologists have found that to-do lists are actually good for the brain. They can actually dampen anxiety, give us a plan that we can stick to and they are proof of what we have accomplished which helps to build our confidence.

3. Have an accountability partner or group to help give you that extra ‘oomph’ of encouragement and motivation to ditch excuses and get your workouts in especially when you are just getting started with a workout routine. (FW also has a private Facebook group so we’ve got you covered there!)

If you enjoyed these "getting started videos" and want a more comprehensive plan to help you get into a workout routine, check out our webpage which includes full meal plans and monthly workout calendars with workouts for 4 different fitness levels. This way, as you get stronger, you can try more challenging workouts without having to find a new program.

Make sure to focus on being proud of the movements you can do, rather than discouraged by the ones you can't do. It takes time to build strength but with consistency and a positive attitude, you'll be there in no time. We hope you enjoy these videos designed to help show you just how capable your body is.

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