Food Friday: How Many Calories Should I Eat?

I am often asked, "How many calories should I eat" Take a listen to this short video for some important info. on calories. 

After you listen to the video you will understand this is a tough questions to answer and there's really a more important question to consider, "What's in the calories you are eating. "

For those of you who still want some help with how many calories to eat, here are recommended calorie intake for an average 50 year old man and women who want to maintain there weight. 

The actual number you need depends on your gender, age, size, body composition and metabolic rate.  I want to make this really clear,  this is only a rough estimate and be sure you watch the video to learn more about calories. 

Woman - 50 years old - 135 pounds - light activity level:  2,000 calories a day

Man - 50 years old - 185 pounds - light activity level: 2,700 calories a day

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