Food Friday: Back to Basic – The Perfect Poached Egg

Poached eggs are an absolute favorite! Don't be turned off by the rumors of how impossible it is to make one at home. You really can make then look as fantastic looking as they do at a restaurant! Poached eggs are incredibly healthy and can be used in some many different recipes. Avery shows you how to make poached eggs that you are your family will love. 

One of my favorite ways to eat a poached egg is to place it on top of leftover cooked he best vegetables. It's much healthier than Eggs Benedict, with the Hollandaise sauce. You can also pair it with some pork and homemade green chili! Why not try it with a multi-grain bagel, a tomato, and some spinach. The best part about using eggs as a breakfast ingredient is that they are a great value for the money.  

Happy Food Friday!

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