Diets Don’t Work, This Does!

January 2023 Online Retreat Resources

Thank you for attending and/or watching the recording of our January 2023 Retreat! We covered A LOT of information, had fun, set specific and realistic goals for ourselves, and announced our new program beginning February 1st, called “52Strong” (see below for more information)

If you didn’t attend, watching the recording is the best place to start!

Resources Used or Referenced

Retreat Videos

Session 1: Opening Session
Session 2: Faith
Session 3: Fitness
Session 4: Food
Session 5: Your Plan
Retreat Workout

Additional quotes not in the handouts:

Ignatius of Loyola – Definition of sin “unwillingness to trust that what God wants for me is only my deepest happiness”

Henry Nouwen “joy does not simply happen to us we have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. It is important to become aware that every moment of our life we can choose joy.”

“For your life to really change, you must believe like Jesus. If you’re only trying to act like Jesus, they you’ll be trying to act like something you do not believe you are. It will just be a performance, but if you believe, like Jesus, you will know you are beloved children of God, in right standing, holy, accepted and heard by your father. It will cause you to believe that power, healing, love, wisdom, and righteousness is something you are not some thing you do, when you have the same beliefs as Jesus, then you will live our of your identity. You will no longer need to work for love rather you will work from love.” Based off quote from the book Living From The Unseen

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