Day 1: Our Journey to More Joy

Day 1

Hi Everyone. It’s Jeff – Michelle’s husband. She asked me to do a 5-day devotional on joy which is the topic of my new book that launches October 18: The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose and Balance. I’m excited to provide some simple steps in the next few days that can get you on the pathway to more joy.

Quick background on the book:  I work with a ministry called the Halftime Institute.  We coach men and women in midlife transition to discover and engage in God’s calling for their second half.  In the last decade, I have coached hundreds of people through this process and I have discovered that the primary motivation for people who desperately want to know their life purpose is because they believe it will lead them to joy.  And they are right: knowing what to DO with your life to be a vessel for God’s love is a giant step toward joy. But there is another dimension to joy:  It’s about understanding who God designed you to BE, who He is shaping you to BE, and who you currently are because of what Christ has done for you.

So….What are you doing with your time, talent, treasure, temple, and tribe (aka relationships) that is bringing you joy ---- or sucking the joy out of your life?

Who did God create you to be? What about your being do you most identify with: Being a parent? A spouse? Your title at work? A child of God? Sinful and fearful? Free and blameless? How you perceive your being makes all the difference in your joy. 

If you want to go deeper on the topic right now, you can pre-order the book before 10/18 and get  a discount and download the first 4 chapters for free! 

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