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Everyone who's decided to follow Jesus has the same mission. We are all called to reconcile people back to God. This can be lived out differently in each of our lives because God has given each of us unique gifts, talents and passions. If you want to help women with their physical and spiritual health we'd love for you to think about becoming a local (or virtual) Faithful Workouts Leader.

We supply you with training, a ReIgnite Leader's Guide, instructional videos and ongoing support for any questions you may have.

If you are interested, just enter your email below!

Check out this video to hear all about it, then sign up and review the details below!

Who can be a leader?

Anyone who feels called to gather with a group and lead them through workouts and discussions to improve their physical and spiritual health. Keep in mind, leading a group can mean leading 1 other person or a larger group. It doesn't have to be a big group.

What's required of me?

You do not need to be in perfect physical shape, be a bible expert, or have prior leadership experience. Your commitment is to gather with a group at least 1x week for 12 weeks, taking the group through our ReIgnite program. Learn more about the program here: ReIgnite Program

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive an email that sends you additional information. We have a training video and all you need to easily get a group started. Make sure to add t your contact list or address book so the email doesn't end up in your spam/junk folder.

Does signing up mean I'm committing to being a leader?

No! Providing your email just keeps you in the loop and allows you to attend the training on November 6th to determine if you'd like to lead a group.

When would the 12-week program start?

In our experience, people are pretty busy during the last part of the year, and many are motivated to make changes in January. However, it's really up to you and your group when you start.

Will a group be assigned to me?

No, we will not be assigning teams. You will reach out to friends, neighbors, and relatives to form your own ReIgnite group. But don't worry, we'll be providing you with email templates and advice to help you along the way.

How much does it cost?

We are so passionate about this, we are not charging ANYTHING for leader training and resources.

I have a lot more questions!

We get it! Don't worry, once you are signed up and attend the zoom (or watch the recording) you'll be given access to all the materials and videos we've created to support you. And of course, we'll be available to answer questions via email as well.

Sign up! enter your email address above or below and you'll receive an email with all the information you need to get started, including details about the zoom meeting we'll be having for discussion.

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Hi, I'm Michelle

I’m Michelle, the founder of Faithful Workouts and the mother of 3 super cool adult children, I’ve been married to Jeff for 30 years and I love my dogs! I eat really healthy about 80% of the time but still enjoy a glass of wine, great bread & french fries.

I love to cook, I don’t have six pack abs (never have), and sometimes I tell slightly embarrassing stories. I LOVE to laugh, and never take myself too seriously.

My desire is that Faithful Workouts helps you reach your goals physically, but even more importantly, I want you to know how loved you are by your Heavenly Father!

I can’t wait to guide you on your faith and fitness journey.

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