Healthy, Easy & Complete Meal Plans

One of the best ways to make eating healthy easier is to meal prep! Meal prepping helps you keep yourself on track so that you aren’t tempted to eat unhealthy when you have a busy & demanding schedule. 

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To make these meal preps go even faster than I’ve planned, grab your spouse or kids and ask them to help you! This will make time fly, lightens the work load and brings the whole family together.

With these guides, you will be able to plan out all your meals at the beginning of your week which can save you tons of time. We’ve created a meal plan, grocery list, and recipes for each meal, PLUS a video that walks you through the best way to prepare all your ingredients in advance. You can expect that each meal prep time will take about an hour, and then you’ll only need a few minutes to prepare each meal when it’s time to eat it!

Each meal plan is designed for one person, so if you are cooking for more people, just multiply an ingredient or item on your list by however many people you are cooking for. For example, if the plan says you need to but 1 lb of chicken breast but you are cooking for 4 people, simply multiply 1lb x 4 = 4 lbs of chicken to buy.

Meal Plan #1 – 4 Day Meal Prep Live Class

This meal prep teaches you how to prep for 4 days of meals in less than 1 hour. Not only will this save you hours in the kitchen it also includes foods that will fuel your body so you have strength and energy to take on your day! Click on the buttons below to view the Meal Plan and Grocery List PDFs!

Meal Plan #2– Time Savvy

This meal prep includes 7 days of meals for the time efficient cooker. Some recipes are stand alone, while others are used to create new meals. Check this meal plan out so you can learn more on how to save time in the kitchen! Click on the buttons below to view the Meal Plan and Grocery List PDFs!

Meal Plan #3 – Vegetarian

This 5 Day vegetarian meal plan is packed with unbelievable recipes! Some of our yummy dishes for this week include: pumpkin pancakes, greek salad, red curry and so much more. You can expect to spend about an hour of prep time and then only a few minutes getting each meal ready to eat!Make sure to read all instructions before starting to cook. Find everything you need by clicking on the buttons below!

Meal Plan #4 – Beat the Monday Blues

The perfect meal prep for a Sunday afternoon. If you have a busy start to your week, this 7 meal prep plan has got you covered. Cook for one hour Sunday afternoon and you're set for 2 days!Watch the video below to hear what Michelle has to share with you about this plan.

Meal Plan #5– Healthy Restart

Get ready to prep 3 days worth of delicious, healthy food with this meal plan! Watch the video below to hear from Michelle and Eileen about this plan.

Meal Plan #6 – GF, DF & Low Carb

For this meal plan, you will learn how to cook, reuse and prep meals that are low carb, gluten-free and dairy-free! This is a 7 day meal plan that is designed for you to be able to make all kinds of delicious meals without having to spend a ton of time in the kitchen; I hope you love these recipes as much as I do.Click on the buttons below to view the Meal Plan and Grocery List PDFs!

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