Message Monday

Giving Ourselves To Others

Every year there are several blogs or articles published of how to give your mom the best Mother's Day or Mother's Day Gift. This Mother's Day was one of the best spent. It's always fun to do something outside the box. Instead of only celebrating one person on this day by going out to a nice family meal we had a great idea. Why not give ourselves to others on this day and honor them too? My family gladly gifted me with what I had told them I would like to do this year. We went down to an assisted living home and visited mothers whose family couldn't make it to see them. I am sharing this story in hopes of inspiring the rest of you to do something similar. Not only did this bring my family great joy it made such a difference to these mothers. This doesn't have to be something that is done on specific holidays. It can be a great family activity to try on any weekend. Although, if you do have a busy schedule and your family is only around on a few of these special days throughout the year then why not make this a new family tradition? 

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day no matter how you spent it! Stop back by next Message Monday to see what we will be sharing next.

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