Music: Your Workout’s Secret Weapon

Music: Your Workout’s Secret Weapon 

How certain types of music impact your workout 

In the world of fitness, the rhythm of music often acts as a kind of invisible coach. It can guide our movements and energize our spirits. Whether you're flowing through a yoga session or crushing some cardio, the right soundtrack can make all the difference. 

But what is it about certain types of music that have such a profound impact on our workouts?


The Power of Tempo 

Research in exercise psychology and neuroscience has shed light on the powerful effects of music on physical activity. One key factor is the tempo or beats per minute (BPM) of the music. Fast-paced tracks with a BPM matching or slightly exceeding our exercise cadence can boost energy levels and synchronize movements, leading to improved performance and endurance.

This makes sense - if you’re doing a cardio workout, some 5th Dimension or Adele likely won’t be your artist of choice. You’ll want a fast-paced tune in sync with your heart rate! 

Faster tempos can help you maintain a consistent pace and push through fatigue, whereas music with a slower tempo and calming melodies can promote relaxation and mindfulness. 

For cardio workouts, consider selecting high-energy tracks with BPMs ranging from 120 to 140 to keep your heart rate up and your feet moving. When it comes to strength or yoga, opt for more mellow tunes with BPMs below 100 to promote relaxation and mindfulness. 

This Low Impact Cardio & Core Workout is a great example of how matching movement to tempo can enhance your workout - it makes it more fun too! 

I encourage you to experiment with different types of music, and see how each impacts your energy levels, focus, and enjoyment during exercise. 


The Power of Emotion and Motivation

Beyond tempo, the emotional and motivational aspects of music play a crucial role in enhancing the workout experience. Certain songs or genres have the ability to evoke powerful emotions, from excitement and euphoria to determination and resilience. Lyrics that convey messages of empowerment, perseverance, and triumph can inspire us to push through obstacles and reach new heights in our fitness journey. 

This is why our workouts include uplifting Christian music! What better lyrics are there than those that bring our minds to the Lord? I’ll list five of my current favorites below: 

  • Wake Up Sleeper - Austin French 
  • Counting my Blessings by Seph Schlueter
  • Chain Breaker by Zach Williams
  • Strong - Anne Wilson
  • Don’t Stop Praying - Matthew West 

Looking for more? You’re welcome to explore our spotify page or our blog of 31 Uplifting Worship Songs. You could listen to one each day of the month! Along with the title, we’ve included a brief explanation of each song’s content and message. I have a feeling at least one song will impact more than just your workout routine. 

You might consider creating a personalized playlist with Christian songs that speak to you. I’m telling you - the music you listen to is more than just background noise. It has the power to become a source of motivation, reassurance, and even comfort. 


Are you choosing lyrics that affirm your strength, resilience, and worth? 

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