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Heading out for a walk? Listen to one of our Fitness Podcasts. Want to use the time in your car to grow in your faith? Check out our Bible studies and inspirational messages in our Faith Podcasts. Need some tips to help you eat healthier? Check out the Food Podcasts.

You can have access to faith, fitness and food resources wherever you go with our Podcasts.

Leadership on the Rocks Podcast

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Faith Podcasts
Go. Grow. Repeat. Weeks 1-4 (Discipleship Training)

Grow. Go. Repeat: Week 1

Grow. Go. Repeat: Week 2

Grow. Go. Repeat: Week 3

Grow. Go. Repeat: Week 4

Galatians Bible Study - Sessions 1-3

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Jeff & I

The Joy Model

Discussion on Faith vs. Works

Romans 6 & Galatians 5

Anytime, Anywhere

Hearing from God

Anxiety, Depression, & Christian Life

Be Inspired: Meet Colton Cavey

Romans 5 & Ephesians 3

Christian Buzzwords

Fitness Podcasts

Walking with FW #1

Walking with FW #2

Walking with FW #3

Walking with FW #4

Walking with FW #5

Walking with FW #6

Strength Training

Neal’s Total Body Strength Training Workout

Strength Training Intermediate/Advanced

Strength Training Beginner

Other Workouts

Total Body Workout – Intermediate

Interval Training

Food Podcasts

Our Favorite Tips for Healthy Living!

Obstacles to Healthy Eating & Overcoming Them

Getting the Family On Board

Break Free From Sugar Cravings

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