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Points Challenge: April 4- May 1st

How about some Healthy Competition?

Want a fun way to stay motivated this month? Join our Points Challenge that includes Faith, Fitness, Food and...Friends!

Real change happens when we have a plan that we consistently execute and that's why we love this Points Challenge. We hope that getting a point for adding healthy activities into your daily routine will inspire you to make healthier choices during the month of April and for the rest of your life!

Keep an eye out each week for emails about the challenge!

The Details and Rules

The Challenge

Each day, you'll be challenged to do 6 things:

  1. Read Your Bible - Our spiritual growth is the core of every aspect of our lives. Without God at the center of all we do we can fall victim to fear, people pleasing, comparison and so many other lies of the enemy. 
  2. Exercise minimum 10 minutes - Daily exercise and movement is a must for living a healthy lifestyle. It reduces your risk of stroke, decreases your risk of osteoporosis and helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Eat 3 Servings Of Vegetables - We all know we should eat more vegetables but if you are finding this to be struggle our website has lots of yummy recipes including veggies!
  4. Drink At least 50 Ounces Of Water - Staying hydrated is so important for our overall health and most people are not drinking enough water during the day. 
  5. Eat Less Than 24 Grams Of Sugar - this can be a confusing topic for some so I want to clarify I'm talking ADDED sugar. Check your labels for the words "added sugar".
  6. Invite A Friend To Try Faithful Workouts - I truly believe in what we are doing at Faithful Workouts and want others to know about all that we offer. There are many ways you can share Faithful Workouts with a friend.

Tracking Points

You will earn 1 point for each task that you complete. You can earn up to 6 points each day. We will email you a printable calendar for easy tracking! We hope keeping track of your points inspires you to make healthy choices each day. We will check in with you the end of each week to see how many points you earned.

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