Quick Workouts To Strengthen Your Core

Welcome to Faithful Workouts! Our mission is to provide a supportive faith-based fitness community and offer resources that bring health to your body and soul, so you can experience life to the fullest. We offer Christian workout videos that use inspirational music and spiritual encouragement, as well as recipes, meal plans and Bible reading plans!

In this blog post, we have compiled some great videos that focus on intentionally building up a strong core that will help to avoid injuries and muscle imbalance. These core videos are all less than 15 minutes each making them a great way to finish a workout or perfect when you are pressed for time and need a quick but effective workout to build up your core strength!

You will love the uplifting music, encouraging messages during each workout and the last one has breathtaking scenery of Portugal. So let's get started!

We don't want you to get injured so we have included two core workouts below for all fitness levels. Click on these to start to build up your core.

  1. Beginner Standing Core
  2. Intermediate / advanced Isometric Core
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