There are so many reasons why it's important to learn to cook. In this video I explain how preservatives that are found in most processed foods affect your gut health. In order to avoid preservatives it's important to bu whole foods and then put them together to create yummy AND healthy recipes.

Look for preservatives in the list of ingredients: sulfites, nitrites, sodium benzoate, sorbates, bromates, are a few of the names to watch for. It's best to limit the amount of preservatives you eat.

"Our microbiome impacts how we digest food and what nutrients we absorb from it, but its effects don’t stop there. It helps to train our immune system, teaching our immune cells what is dangerous and what is nonthreatening. It can contribute to our weight gain and loss, and the wrong microbes seem to promote obesity. It even produces neurotransmitters and hormones that can impact our mood and mental health. Even if you don’t like cats and dogs, you’ve got to care for your microbes." SamWestreich, PhD

If you struggle with cooking you're at the right place! Our cooking show, "The Fresh Table" shows you how to make easy, healthy recipes. Go watch an episode today.

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