She Turned It Around Because She Didn’t Turn Around

In the mnts. of CO we woke up to snow. My friend got up, got dressed and was heading to class. 1st challenge - couldn't get up her icy driveway. It took multiple tries and extra time. 2nd Challenge - As she drove she came across the plow and she couldn't get past him. Patiently she waited. She was going to be 30 minutes late to class. She thought about turning around, but she didn't. She arrived a bit flustered and I gladly taught overtime so she could get in a full workout. As we laid back to stretch she said, "I turned it around, because I didn't turn around" She could have thrown in the towel and had a legitimate excuse to not workout BUT she didn't and she was in such a happy place when she left class. When you want to skip a workout DON"T!! It might be just what you need to "turn it around" and find your happy place!! 

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