In this video I share about the importance of vision and knowing the pain. more If you would like to hear more about the change model that involves Vision, Pain, First Steps and Distractions - click here.)

This is so important and my hope is you will spend some time really thinking through this.

Something to Think About

"As long as you allow habit and routines to dictate your patterns of living, new dimensions of your soul will never emerge." Henry Van Dyke

Something to Listen To

Nutrition Tip

I follow an 80/20 rhythm when it comes to the way I eat. 80% of the time I eat really healthy and 20% of the time I eat somewhat healthy. I've done this for so many years and I think the reason I stick with it is because I don't feel restricted. If I eat something, like french fries, I know it's in my 20%. I don't beat myself up and think I've failed, but I know it's not the way I'm going to eat every day.

I hope this makes sense. I know that when I eat this way I still feel like I am honoring God and caring for His temple. I feel I am properly fueling my body. I have strength and energy. I am excited to eat this way the rest of my life.


Chair: Stretching

Equipment: Chair

Length: 10 Minutes

Beginner: New to Pazaz & Standing Core

Equipment: None

Length: 27 Minutes

Intermediate: Total Body in the Barn

Equipment: Loop, Band

Length: 28 Minutes

Advanced: HIIT & Power Stretch

Equipment: Band

Length: 28 Minutes

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