Sugar Challenge: Day 2

**Challenge: Food Labels

**Recipe Makeover: Strawberry Jam

**Suggested Workouts

Inspirational Tip

My friend Sarah had a habit of drinking Coke every afternoon when her mother was in the hospital dying. She longed for something to comfort her and she turned to soda. Many of us turn to sweets to comfort us but the truth is they never comfort us for long. In the moment it might feel good to eat something unhealthy but it never provides lasting comfort. In fact it often does just the opposite because we feel shame and guilt.

When you long to feel comforted, turn to God. Fall into His open arms. Let Him pour out His love and peace over you. Next time you're tempted to turn to food for comfort, take a big breath, and then ask God to turn your eyes to Him and off the food. God is your comfort - sugar will never be able to take His place.


Your challenge for today is to go through your fridge, freezer and pantry and read the food labels. You may be shocked by how much sugar is added to your favorite food items. Being aware of where sugar is sneaking into your diet is a great first step!

For now, I only want you to pay attention to the "Added Sugar"

Make sure to watch the video above so you can understand what "Added Sugar" is and how to read a food label.

Recipe Makeover

Did you know that most jams are loaded with sugar. Eating a slice of toast with some jam can pack 16 grams of sugar. Give this quick, healthy strawberry jam recipe a try. Literally takes only minutes!

Suggested Workout

Chair: Strength 101

Equipment: Chair, Band, Loop

Length: 14 Minutes

Beginner: Strength 101

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 15 Minutes

Intermediate: Strength 101

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 21 Minutes

Advanced: Strength 101

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 23 Minutes

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