Break Your Sugar Addiction: Learn From Eileen

This is my friend Eileen. She used to be a sugar addict and now she’s not. I know her story can help set you free from your addiction too. Before she shares I just have to say everyone needs an “Eileen” in their life. I know she is someone who would do absolutely anything for me. What’s really amazing is she would do anything for you too! She is such an outward focused person. Instead of going through her day looking for ways to make herself happy she asks God to help her to bless others. ALSO, it’s her Birthday on Friday so can you all give her a birthday shout out. Now, on to her story of breaking her sugar addiction.

“I used to wake up each day to my morning coffee filled with flavored (aka sugar) creamer. Then I would move on to Pepsi, which I would drink throughout the day. I often continued to satisfy my addiction with dessert each night too. I was taking in over 200 grams of sugar each day - that’s almost 50 tsp! When I started working out with Michelle she made me aware of what I was doing. She talked about how sugar was affecting my health.  So I tried it - I decided to reduce my sugar intake. I was shocked at how much better I felt. The biggest change was in my joints. I no longer had pain. Even though I felt so much better I was still tempted all the time and often fell to those temptations. I believed I had to serve dessert every time someone came over. I still thought I needed sweets around for my kids. I heard Michelle talk about how people pleasing can derail our attempts at a healthier lifestyle. It hit me - I didn’t have to serve desserts to guests and I definitely didn’t want my kids eating desserts all the time since I knew how addicting sugar was. So I did it - I emptied my house of sugar! 

What continues to help me to make healthy choices (in all areas of my life, not just sugar) is I ask myself this simple question, “What if?” What if I do eat that? (my joints will hurt, I will put on weight, I will feel guilt and shame…) What if I don’t eat it? (I will feel good, I will think more clearly, I will be in a better mood) When I look at the results of my choice it’s an easy decision. 

Lastly, but maybe most important, as I was going through this process of quitting sugar, my faith was also growing. I realized that my body really was a gift from God and I should care for it. I turned to Him for help in all areas of my life. I knew He loved me completely which made my need for approval from others less important. 

Please hear me - you can do this too. If you have any questions please comment below. I am here to help you. It will make a huge difference when you no longer turn to sugar to give you what only God can give you.”

As part of our sugar challenge, Eileen also shared more of her story with us. Watch the video below.


I want to share a special message and additional information with you about sugar, watch the video below.

I know you can do this friend, I know you can kick your sugar addiction and habits to live a long life of health!


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