Testimonial Tuesday

What Have You Gained?

Angel's journey to better health began after she brought her three children into the world. She knew she wanted to become healthier for them. After fighting with her oldest daughter to eat fruit, she realized she needed to live a healthier lifestyle. A great challenge laid ahead of her. She was not eager to start this journey because she had gone down this path many times before. She had tried everything, ranging from diet oils to Weight Watchers. Some had helped her accomplish her goals, but left her feeling empty with no energy. She may have looked better on the outside but on the inside her health had not changed.

Before starting again she knew something was missing. Faithful Workouts had given her the missing piece to the puzzle. She prayed and asked God for help with healthy eating and exercise. She knew she needed His help because deep down she knew she did not want to exercise. She told the Lord he needed to MAKE her exercise. Sure enough, she got what she had asked for. She realized that becoming healthy wasn’t about how much weight she could lose. It was about how much she could change her lifestyle. Her routine changed by cutting back to drinking only one diet soda a day, and she replaced the other sodas she drank with water. She set a goal of eating only 20 grams of fat each day. The most important part of her regimen was NEVER denying herself of something she wanted. If she craved something sweet she would indulge and eat clean the rest of the day. This journey was not centered around weight loss as the previous methods were, so she stepped on the scale at the beginning and didn’t return until 3 or 4 months later.

When Angel first found Faithful Workouts on TV she recorded each day. She could feel the Holy Spirit encouraging her to workout. She was someone who had never worked out or played sports, but found herself looking forward to doing the workout videos. Sometimes she would even workout twice a day because she couldn’t wait to see what the next video had in store. She began as a follower and became a leader. She led a Faithful Workouts group in her community to help others venture down the path to better physical and spiritual health. Her journey gave her the ability to do more work for God and be healthy for her babies, which she can now run and play with! Angel Hubbard is truly an inspiration to all.

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