Testimonial Tuesday

What Angela Gained

"God has taught me a lot during my weight loss journey. I have tried and been successful at losing weight many times and able to keep it off for awhile and then slowly gaining it back. There were a few problems with my methods, counting calories, weighing and measuring food intake is not a way of life, either is spending a large part of your day exercising (unless it is your profession, lol) I also had some healing that needed to take place because of hurtful things that had been said to me in the past, I took a program called Freedom Session and God helped me to forgive them and myself for the comments they made and the things I had believed about myself.  During this 28 week program I continued being faithful to my workouts. I noticed the biggest difference in my weight when I applied your ABC's to a healthy life style. I Asked God to help me to make wise choices in the foods my body needed and to have self control when I allowed myself the occasional treat. I began to study God's word and journal what He was saying to me each day.  Believing that He loved me and wanted me to take care of the body He had given me, that He was able to help me and that He wanted to! Also being thankful for the way He created me for "I am fearfully and wonderfully made". And lastly Checking my motives, making sure I wasn't trying to impress someone or make someone else look bad, or to prove a point,making sure my self image was not controlled by the number on the scale, but formed by God's opinion of me.


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