Testimonial Tuesday

What Have You Gained? 

April Chan is celebrating her 3rd anniversary with Faithful Workouts this week on the 18th. To celebrate her accomplishments we want to share her amazing story with  you. First of all, we want to congratulate her on consistently working out over a long period of time, which is something she hadn’t accomplished until now.

April struggled with an unending cycle of overeating and looking to the next diet or exercise fad to achieve “the look”. Maybe you think you can never change or exercise because it is just too hard to fit into your lifestyle. Let April’s story encourage you today!


Maybe you are where I was, in an unending cycle of overeating and looking to the next diet or exercise fad to achieve "the look".  Maybe you think you can never change or exercise is just too hard to fit into your lifestyle. Let me encourage you today! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. God is just a prayer away. Ask Him for help and then take a step of faith by trying Faithful Workouts. Once you start, just keep going, no matter how many times you feel you mess up. If I stopped exercising every time I missed a workout or made an unhealthy food choice, I would have never made it this far! God gives us grace and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. He will help you make right choices and give you the strength to keep going! Don't look at the whole journey you have ahead, keep your eyes on Jesus and give thanks for what you can do today. Don't compare yourself to others, give thanks for how God created you and that you "get to exercise". Never give up! Stay consistent! Your journey will not be a straight line forward, it will be a down and up experience. Get down on your knees and God will lift you up! He will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

My biggest challenges were habits of overeating and poor food choices. Keeping a daily food journal for 2 years opened my eyes to how large my portions were and exactly what I was putting in my body. It also helped me to deal with my emotions behind my food choices. Praying and spending time in God's Word helped me to focus on my heart issues. Staying connected with the online Faithful Workouts Forum helped me to develop support and friendships. Studying Michelle's healthy recipes helped me to change my cooking. I'm now making my own menu calendar plan and grocery list to help me better prepare.

The biggest change I made in my daily regime was consistent exercise. Doing Faithful Workouts every week has helped me to lose over 60 pounds, 36 inches, and 4 dress sizes. The powerful Christian music and messages in Faithful Workouts give me inspiration to put God first in every area of my life.


Faithful Workouts has helped her gain something irreplaceable, FREEDOM. Freedom from a lifetime of dependency on food for comfort. She thanks Michelle for challenging her to ask God for help and to turn to Him for comfort. This specifically has helped her  break away from empty attempts to lose weight without dealing with her heart issues. She realized that she was slowly killing her body with overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. She began to develop Type 2 Diabetes along with her pre-existing condition of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Her doctor felt that the fix for this was to put her on medication at the young age of 36. April knew this was something she didn’t want to rely on to become healthy. After 3 years of staying true to her journey with Faithful Workouts, she can now proudly say that she is diabetes free and all her labs, including her blood pressure, are normal! God has changed her heart forever!

Thanks to April for sharing her story with us!


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