Testimonial Tuesday

What Did Josie Gain?


Josie GAINED a relationship with God like no other. She knew what He could give her and help her with. She didn’t listen to all the naysayers, instead she believed in God. She listened to his words of encouragement and accomplished getting her health to a better place while in her mid-sixties!

Let her words encourage you on your journey to better health.

"I have had many losses in my life. Felt sorry for myself. Within the past twelve years, I have said goodbye to two sisters, two brothers, three nieces and a nephew. My heart was very heavy. My Dad died when I was three and Mom when I was thirty. God convicted me to get up and move. I had never had anyone in my family workout, so I did not know what this would look like.

True I started to do Zumba, but needed more. One day at work while praying I asked God for a meaningful workout. I turned my little radio on and heard Steve Auderbaun mention Faithful Workouts. As soon as I got home, I looked it up on the Internet and ordered some DVDs.

Since then I have lost 28 pounds, went from a size fourteen to a six. The best part is God gets all praise. You see I am almost sixty seven years old and many tell me that people my age can not lose weight like that and then I get to tell them God made this body and He can do all things. What a blessing Michelle and Faithful Workouts have been and are to me. If in any way I can help someone on their journey, know I will do whatever God allows me to do. God Bless and let's continue the journey together."

-Josie Wolfe     


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