the god of food

Jesus My Portion

Idols are defeated not by being removed but by being replaced. 

by Kyle Idelman

The god of food promised us a feast but we came up empty.

He invited invited us to consume until it consumed our lives.  

We tasted everything until nothing had taste anymore.

And so finally we came to Jesus. We discovered that he offers the one true feast.

He fills our every need.

Every hunger ultimately leads back to him.

Jesus frees us from and abusive, dysfunctional relationship with food because he is our portion and in him we discover what we were searching for all along.

If we seek our joy and meaning in food, then the source of our joy always disappears and always must be found again - a consumable god.  

It is different with Jesus.

Nothing tastes better than the joy and satisfaction of knowing Christ.

Nothing nourishes the soul as he does.

Nothing feeds and strengthens and renews us like the time we spend with him each day

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