Wake Up Your Mind, Body and Soul With A Morning Yoga Flow

Welcome to Faithful Workouts! Our mission is to come alongside you and offer resources that bring health to your body and soul, so you can experience life to the fullest. We offer Christian workout videos that use inspirational music and biblical encouragement, as well as recipes, meal plans and Bible reading plans! 

There are so many amazing benefits to practicing yoga at any time of the day but it can especially be an awesome way to begin your day. When we stretch first thing after waking up, it helps our bodies to warm up and prepare for the day ahead. Adding some gentle neck stretches as well as some easy core exercises will help your body and mind prepare to support your spine as you move through your day.

Another benefit of practicing yoga in the morning is that it allows you to take a few moments to quiet your mind and spend time with God. When you start your day in prayer it will fill your soul with peace and joy so that you can go out and be a better servant of the Lord.

In this gentle flow video, Denika will guide you through some simple stretches to get your body moving and will finish with a prayer to draw your closer to God so you can face the day with a grounded soul.

Gentle Morning Flow Video

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