Workout Wednesday: Spot Reduction

Often, I receive emails from people asking, "How can I get rid of my belly fat?" or "What can I do to get my thighs thinner?" The truth is we can't pick and choose where fat will go on our body or where it will leave from and we can't exercise away fat from one specific part of our body. 

If someone doesn't like the way their inner thighs look they might commit to exercising their inner thighs each day in hopes of slimming them down. We can tone the muscle in our inner thigh, but again we can't exercise away fat from one specific part of our body. 

One of the problems  with trying to slim down a certain part of our body is we will over exercise a muscle group which can cause muscle imbalance and possible injury. The other problem with this is we get so focused on losing inches in a certain area and if it doesn't slim down we get frustrated and quit exercising. 

I want to be sure you understand what I am saying here - Exercise is very good for you and when combined with healthy eating you will lose fat, but we won't necessarily lose fat from where we want to.

My hope is that you truly begin to look at exercise as not just a means to get your body to look a certain way, but you exercise so you can feel a certain way - strong, healthy, energized. My hope is your consistently exercise so you are ready to respond to whatever God calls you to do. My hope is you exercise because you want to take care of the body God gave you!!

There is nothing wrong with having a strong, toned body but don't get so focused on wanting to look a certain way. Exercise all parts of your body, not just the parts you want to change the shape and size of. 

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