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Package of  2 one hour coaching sessions/month + Unlimited text ($175 per month).

Julie of HeartSpring Coaching:

Thank you for your interest in coaching!  The fact that you are reading this indicates you want to take the next step in your health journey.

One of the most important decisions you can make is to enlist the help of a coach.  Andy Stanley puts it like this “I can go further and faster with someone coaching me than I can on my own.”  Have you tried to change your eating and exercise habits before and found it really difficult to change?  It is hard!  I would love to help!

Through the incredible tool of coaching, you are heard on a very deep level.  You discover what you really, truly want in life.  You start to see the path forward and gain clarity on the next steps.  Change doesn’t happen in a single meal, a single workout or a single day-it requires consistency.  That’s the hard part. As your coach, I can help connect you with your “why” and help you find the motivation and the courage to do hard things. This is about getting helping you achieve the goals you’ve been dreaming about.   Every conversation includes an action step plan to get you to the next level in your journey. We tackle the obstacles and discover ways to work around  the barriers that hold you back from the life you are hoping to live. If you have tried to change before, this time could  be different with the support of a coach. I do not believe in an all-or-nothing approach.  This is about taking baby steps in the right direction to achieve what you want to achieve.

A word about me: I love to help.  I discovered coaching when I needed a coach.  I found myself stuck and coaching helped me move forward.  I have had the privilege of being a Physical Therapist for over 20 years.  While I enjoyed helping my patients improve and overcome their ailments, I knew I wanted to talk to them about matters of the heart. I received my coach training at Professional Christian Coaching Institute and am a CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach). I am also a habit nerd, nutrition geek (currently studying for a certification in holistic nutrition as a tool to help my clients) and am a certified StrengthsFinder Champion coach to help my clients understand their God-given talents and how to develop them. But, perhaps, the largest teacher in my life has been my own health journey.  I was raised on Southern foods and had to learn to love vegetables and embrace exercise. I lost 35 pounds about ten years ago and have learned how to maintain a healthy weight.  I also have a progressive disease that focuses me to live my very best life everyday mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I understand firsthand how hard change can be but I also know we can do more than we think, especially when we partner with Christ. I am not just cheering you on from the sidelines but I am in this fight for better health with  you!  

I am a follower of Christ and John 10:10 tells us “that Christ came that we may have life and life to the full!” Yes, He wants you to have a full life! What is holding you back from all God wants for you?

I have discovered that real change happens when clients keep what matters most to them on the top of their mind.  I have a retainer system where we coach 3 times a month for 1 hour each.  You have complete access to my calendar to schedule at your convenience and I am also available by text and emails in-between calls. The cost for the month of coaching is $175. 

Please  HERE to schedule a complimentary inquiry call to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

1 review for Coaching Package: Julie

  1. Susan

    Julie has changed my life, our coaching sessions start with what’s going on in my life and ends with practical action step until next session Thank you Julie

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