We’d love your support for the Faithful Workouts’ Ministry!


Faithful Workouts is a 501 (c)(3), with a mission to help people get physically & spiritually stronger. 

When you donate to Faithful Workouts, first and foremost you are helping us spread the love and truth of Jesus! Your donation will be used for the production of  our TV programs that air on multiple networks around the world. In addition your donation will allow missionaries across the globe to have free access to all our resources and exercise equipment.


Want to donate using your credit card? When you fill out the form below you can choose to donate once, or schedule a recurring donation. Our donor system is secure, and your credit card will not be used for anything other than your specified donation. Of course, your donation is also tax deductible.

Every Dollar Counts

You can also donate by sending in a check to the address below. Thank you, and God bless!!

Make Checks Payable to:

Faithful Workouts

410 Elmgreen Lane

Evergreen, CO 80439


Other Ways to Support

In our store, we sell tons of great items to help you on your physical and spiritual health journey! We’ve got exercises DVDs for all fitness levels, we’ve got inspirational and uplifting shirts, exercise equipment, books, home school resources and much more! We put a lot of thought behind everything we sell in our store, and we consider helping to support Faithful Workouts in this way while getting something great for yourself as well!

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